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Car manufacturing is a large and growing industry. There are different cars on the road. Some manufacturers have created a name for themselves and are known for their quality and performance cars while some are known for reliability and safety. Price of cars vary from country to country as well. For example, a Mercedes Benz is more expensive than a Suzuki. This is because a Mercedes Benz is classified as a luxury vehicle.

Many years ago, there weren’t many car manufacturers and most cars were manufactured in Europe and America. Soon after countries such as Japan, India and Korea started producing cars. Today competition is fierce among manufacturers. Each car comes feature packed to attract the customers. Here’s a list of popular car manufacturers around the world.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is a luxury car brand. The manufacturers origin traces back to Carl Benz who created the first petrol powered car. Today they are one of the most popular car manufacturers regarded as a high-end car. Being a German car manufacturer, they are known for their engineering. They are rated highly in quality rankings as well. The car uses high tech for all their parts. The famous Michael Schumacher drove for Mercedes Benz. The car is well known for its safety standards as well.


Nissan is a Japanese car manufacturer headquartered in Yokohoma. They are the sixth largest auto manufacturer in the world and it is the leading Japanese brand is China, Russia and Mexico. They also have the record for being the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer. The Nissan Leaf has record sales and was the world’s top selling high way capable plug in all electric car. They are known for their popular Nissan Wreckers Gold Coast as well.


Ford is a multinational American car manufacturer. Ford was founded by Henry Ford and they sell variety of vehicles. Ford is the second largest US automaker. They sell commercial and luxury vehicles which is under the Lincoln brand. The Ford F series is the best-selling vehicle in America. These vehicles are very powerful and are used as wreckers as well.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is an ultra-luxury British car manufacturer. A staple of British history, Rolls Royce is now owned by BMW. Rolls Royce is known for their luxury type cars that are generally more expensive than other car manufacturers.


Kia is a South Korean car manufacturer that is the second largest car manufacturer in the world. In recent years, Kia has become very popular with cars, jeeps and trucks enjoying high level of sales. They are also one of the best car manufacturers in Asia.