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Off roading vehicles are special vehicles which have different tools and equipment installed in them to make sure that they can handle rough terrain which is often present on off roading adventures and is extremely unlike the city roads that most cars are used to. This means that these cars are fundamentally different from other cars that are normally used by people on city roads such as when commuting to and from work, getting household chores done such as getting groceries from the super store. This off roading vehicles usually have more power when it comes to engine size and their drivetrain is also reinforced to make sure that they are rugged and they are not easily damaged by harsh terrain that they are intended to be used on. However, these are also mechanical equipment which means that they can be damaged by regular wear and tear and in certain cases can be damaged by improper use. This means that these cars need to be serviced and maintained regularly, as is the case with any other car that is used daily.

At T&G 4×4 Auto, we recognise this need of maintaining and servicing cars which is why we have a dedicated workshop which is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to make sure that any problems that may arise in your off roading vehicle can be diagnosed and quickly rectified. We also have a large team of qualified technicians who have the necessary skills and experience to make sure that any repair process that is being done on your car is completed quickly, efficiently and to the required standards.

Professional Installation Services

We also provide a wide range of off roading accessories and aftermarket accessories which can be installed on your off roading vehicles to elevate your off roading experience and to provide you greater utility when it comes to off roading. One such service that we offer is the service of tow bar fitting. This can be an extremely meticulous task as special care needs to be taken when installing this piece of equipment on an off roading vehicle.

All in all, if you need quality aftermarket accessories for off roading vehicle and a team which you can rely on to make sure that any installation that you authorise is installed correctly and to the required standards, then you need look no further than T&G 4×4 Auto. With extensive experience in this industry and a large amount of parts available, we make sure that all your off roading needs are taken care of extremely efficiently and quickly. We are renowned for our large range of accessories that we keep in stock and our experienced technicians always get a commendable rating from our customers. This means that if you choose to get services from us, you will have the peace of mind that your work will be done to professional standards, without any problems.