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Learning about vehicles is like diving into a beautiful blue ocean to find some pearls. There are so many kinds of tyres which suit the need of different vehicles. The ones which would suit a SUV may not necessarily suit a small hatchback car.

A good 4×4 tyre is generally used for SUV cars or even bigger vehicles than that sometimes. The tyres are made in such a way that it makes your car run from the beaches to the bushes.

If you look at a mag shop online, it will give you a proper idea about the high quality wheels which will help you to choose the correct one for your vehicle. Thus, your car will get the best only if you take a quick look at the products available online and compare them to find the best.There are many parts of a tyre, such as the ribs, tread block, tread, grooves, cap plies, belts, shoulder, bead bundle and filler etc. Tyres are generally classified with the difference in the above features.

Radial Ply Tyres

These kind of radial ply tyres are now being the most popular around the world. They come in 2 kind of bracing, one is the steel and the other could be the textile. They are strong and are renowned for road safety issues.

Run Flat Tyres

These self supporting run flat tyres are made to attend emergencies and run for a specific period of time. These kinds of tyres can only be used in emergency situation under the monitoring of pressure monitoring system in your vehicle. It is lesser known for its life and better known for its emergency handling capability.

Tyres for car trailers

In this case, there is need for heavy tyres. The tyres are different in size for these kinds of vehicles. They probably need high inflammation pressure tyres for the kind of activity the trailer cars engage in always.

Tubeless tyres

The tubeless tyres are a new addition to the technology of car family. These tubeless tyres have a greater advantage over the other type of tyres. When in any condition the tyre is punctured, then the air from the tyre comes out very slowly. This allows time to the driver to come to a safe location for the needful to be done.

Thus, now knowing the different kinds of tyres you can have a look at the different vehicles tyres and discriminate on your own. You can know more from online stores where you would also get prices of the different types of tyres.